Company Overview

appHock is a mobile app and website development company with certified Xamarin developers ready to help you with your next mobile app or web project.  We have experience ranging from enterprise web applications, mobile crm solutions, brand websites, ecommerce solutions and development training.  Look to us to get your next technology solution deployed today.

We pride ourselves in stay up with the latest technology to provide our clients state of the art solutions that strategically solve their specific business needs.  We are involved heavily in custom software solutions due to the unique nature each business has in the marketplace.  Our team has strong experience in both the soft and technical sides of business and can help “bridge the gap” to create a solid software solution for your business needs.

Our Focus

We focus strongly on delivering a unique value proposition that drives results for your company and brand.  Specifically, we can help you with the following aspects:

  •  iOS & Android Mobile Apps
  •  Custom website development / design
  •  ECommerce Solutions and Consulting
  •  Microsoft Azure Cloud


Connect with us today to discuss your next project and needs.