Website Development & Design

Having a website is critical today in business.  Even if you are just a local company, people are searching for you online and want information.  Not only do you need a website, but you also need to make sure it is mobile friendly.  Over 50% traffic to many of todays popular internet sites are accessed by mobile devices as users are looking for information while away from there computers.

Responsive Design

Responsive design for a website means that the websites content will scale to the screen size of the device your users are using to access your website to provide the best possible viewing experience.  Laptop computers have larger screen and are primary used with a mouse to touchpad to navigate, however tablets and phones use smaller screen that are touch enabled so a website must be able to provide a rich user experience for these devices as well.

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Microsoft Azure Cloud

Enable your website or web application to support massive scale by hosting your website on the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure.  With the ability do scale server resources on demand, hosting your website on the cloud and supporting near infinite scale has never been easier.

We are experienced with hosting websites and web applications on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform.  Wether it be hosting just a basic content site, or hosting a Restful API web services hitting a SQL Server backend, we can support your requirements and scaling needs.